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          DWF Forensic is a team of experienced, qualified forensic accountants and investigators, with ‘Big Four’ accounting expertise.

          We specialise in providing forensic accountancy support across regulatory issues and contract management, as well as in avoiding disputes, addressing risk and in screening and monitoring.

          Over the years we have each assisted clients with the quantification or challenge of losses arising from business interruption; breach of contract; defamation; fire and water damage; breach of copyright and losses arising from personal injury; as well as completing investigations related to both the UK Fraud and Bribery Acts (typically following whistle-blower activity); and we have worked closely with legal teams and the police to secure civil recoveries and criminal convictions across the globe.

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          Our Forensic expertise includes:

          Our intelligence team follows the National Intelligence Model. We believe that appropriate due diligence and ongoing monitoring should be a prerequisite to all new stakeholder relationships to mitigate risk, as well as an essential component of our quantum and investigations work. 

          For our insurer clients, we provide immediate, cost effective access to a high level of forensic accounting expertise for personal injury claims. We can assist with a wide range of issues relating to earnings and pensions including overseas earnings and periodical payment orders. We help to assess the financial elements of all personal injury claims from a realistic, commercially-relevant position.

          We are able to combine this expertise with DWF's internationally leading reputation in personal injury and other areas of insurance. We can work alongside the DWF legal team throughout the lifespan of a case from assisting in developing the strategy for the case to providing advice on the earnings and pension elements.

          Acting for some of the largest insurers in the UK, we can advise on UK matters or those requiring our international tax and accountancy specialism. We also have considerable experience of reviewing the financial elements of periodical payment orders and annual payments. DWF Forensic can provide a wider range of support and options than an independent expert accountant allowing the insurer client to make informed decisions about the approach to take long before a case would typically be sent to an external accountant.

          We help our insurer clients to move quickly, avoid delays and identify opportunities for the most cost-effective conclusion.

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          When commercial or regulatory relationships break down, or if disruption arises through fraud, or other criminal activity, businesses face uncertainty.

          Should a business suffer fraud, bribery or other financial irregularity, response time is critical. We react quickly to identify, locate and secure key evidence.  That evidence is typically stored electronically on computer hard drives and servers, which must be copied in a forensically robust manner.  We secure and analyse emails and other communication sources such as text and voicemail messages.  We identify the key suspects and conduct thorough investigative interviews. 

          Depending upon the circumstances, we communicate our findings to the Board; senior management or independent sub-committees.  We can also provide post-incident reports on any control failings and offer advice to improve the robustness of fraud prevention controls.

          Our aim is to work closely with you, our legal and intelligence teams, your insurers and where necessary the police, in order to bring the matter to a swift conclusion and to minimise disruption.  Typical outcomes include civil recoveries and/or criminal convictions across the globe.

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          We assess and advise upon quantum in commercial disputes, the regulatory environment and insurance related claims.

          We help our clients to focus upon the likely costs and outcomes of legal strategies from the outset; by using decision trees throughout the life of a dispute and during settlement negotiations, we enable our clients to make risk based business decisions in support of their strategic objectives and help them to  reach satisfactory settlements at the earliest opportunity.

          Over the years we have assisted clients with the quantification or challenge of losses arising from business interruption; breach of contract; defamation; fire and water damage; breach of copyright and losses arising from personal injury.

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          Key Information

          Managing risk

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          Chris Wheeler

          • Director // Head of DWF Forensic Services


          Helen Walters

          • Forensic Accountant

          Lauren Highton

          • Forensic Accountant

          Rachel Bray

          • Forensic Accountant