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        Transport technology: driving the North's transport network

        A discussion on the development of digital innovation in the transport sector, with a particular focus on the North of England. The discussion will cover technology’s potential to enhance the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the transport network. 

        07 December 2017

        DWF LLP Manchester
        1 Scott Place
        2 Hardman Street
        M3 3AA

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        Issues to be discussed include:

        What might the North of England’s transport network of the future look like? 

        What is the potential for technology and digital innovation to boost transport capacity and improve efficiency across the region?

        How can technology improve the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Northern transport infrastructure?
        What needs to be done to remove barriers to technological advances?

        How should transport designers, builders, operators and managers best use the data generated from enhanced technological innovation?

        How can private providers contribute towards initiating and enhancing technological change in transport?

        09:00 Registration
        09:30 Seminar begins
        12:00  Close

        Jen Hawes-Hewitt, Global Cities Management Consulting Lead, Accenture 

        Sam Li, Innovation Officer for the Cityverve Project, Transport for Greater Manchester

        David Owens, Design and BIM Manager – Highways England, Costain 

        Alastair Richards, Smart Ticketing Programme Director, Transport for the North

        Dave Yip, UK lead for Technology Consulting and Public Transport, KPMG

        Meet the speakers

        Jonathan Moss

        • Partner // Head of Transport Sector // Head of Marine & Trade