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          A serious data breach? A death on your premises? Television cameras and press outside your office? How do you contain the incident and protect your reputation? Be better prepared and protected in the event of a crisis by subscribing to our free DWF Crisis Response service.

          When a major construction company had a worksite fatality dwf crisis response provided immediate support in effectively protecting their legal position, keeping a cool head in dealing with the press and provided psychological support teams. The instant and well-judged response led to damage limitation and a high level of reputation protection.
          – Case study: Managing a work-site fatality

          Crisis situations may vary from organisation to organisation, but whether you find yourself dealing with a serious health and safety failure, catastrophic fire or flood, breach of data security, allegation of financial fraud, suspected abuse claim, environmental leak or controversial legal proceedings our experts can guide and assist you.

          DWF Crisis Response brings together specialist consultants with detailed knowledge of managing crisis situations for your business. These include lawyers, PR specialists, clinical psychologists, IT forensics specialists and industry bodies as well as consultants specialising in safeguarding online reputation.

          Cyber security – is your company prepared for a reputational crisis?

          Cyber risk has quickly become one of the biggest threats a business can face. It runs right through every businesses operations – be it customer and employee data, online sales, financial information, logistics, payroll, IP, IT infrastructure and connected manufacturing. The threats are manifest - from inside and outside, malicious and not. Our experts and specialist partner organisations can help you to prepare and manage a cyber crisis.

          Why subscribe?

          DWF Crisis Response has all the expertise and experience to help you prepare for any business crisis. Recent winner of the Law Firm Innovation Award at Legal Week’s British Legal Awards, and Product of the Year at the 2015 Alarm awards, DWF Crisis Response will ensure that you come out of any situation with your reputation, business and financial status intact.

          When you register, you receive:

          • 24/7 access to regulatory lawyers, media experts and specialists in employee well-being in the event of a business crisis.
          • Free crisis response updates by email.
          • Access to a dedicated workshop programme, free of charge.
          • Free cyber security updates

          Crisis management training

          We also offer a range of training packages to help you and your business to be prepared and resilient in the event of an unprecedented crisis situation.

          For more information download the DWF Crisis Response brochure

          Please get in touch at crisisresponse@dwf.law if you have any questions or we can be of any further assistance.

          Register FREE for DWF Crisis Response

          Register FREE for DWF Crisis Response today, and let us arm you with all you need to prepare for the worst - giving your business the best chance of success. Don't wait for a crisis to start before planning your response.

          Steffan Groch

          • Partner // Head of Regulatory
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.
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          DWF Forensic

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