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          A legal design challenge to drive industry collaboration

          Bringing together a group of 60 people, we collaborated on an evaluation and re-design of key elements of drawing up contracts.


          The challenge


          Drafting and completing contracts is an everyday feature of business but has long presented challenges to companies in terms of cost, efficiency, speed and risk. For such a significant area of legal services there has been very little collaboration to find improvements. 


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          The innovation


          Earlier this year, DWF, LEx Open Source, Radiant Law and Wavelength Law collectively hosted a Legal Design Challenge with the support of Legal Geek, with the aim of bringing together a group of 60 people to collaborate on an evaluation and re-design of key elements of drawing up contracts. 

          The Legal Design Challenge used design methods, tools and techniques to focus on identifying problem areas and come up with new solutions. 

          It is the first time a cross industry collaboration has come together with such a significant and diverse mix of expertise and the six scenarios explored as part of the challenge were published in a guide to improving contracting, available at no cost on an open-source basis to anyone in the industry. 


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          The results


          When structured effectively, legal design techniques can be easily mastered by a wide range of roles (not just lawyers) in a short space of time to analyse and put forward solutions to challenges. This reinforces that people are easier to engage when you ask them to tackle a real life challenge rather than listen passively to an academic theory.  

          By making the six scenarios to re-design contracting freely available in a guide, it starts a conversation that can be built upon and gives organisations practical ideas they can use in their business. 

          Staging this challenge has convinced all four organisations to continue to work together to find ways to increase collaboration on the subject and promote the value of what came out of it. 

          Read the Guide which was produced as a result here

          Watch a film from the Legal Design Challenge below