Expedia & DWF

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Expedia is the largest travel agency in the world, with revenue topping $50bn for the first time in 2014. It continues to grow extraordinarily quickly, through market expansion, increased market share, new brands and large acquisitions.

The business challenge

Expedia moves so quickly, it can be difficult for the legal function to find the time to improve processes, provide strategic oversight, and review risk. The legal team needed a little breathing space to achieve all it wanted to. Its business is complex, and the legal team were concerned as to how they would download the information they needed to bring commercial savvy and usual advisors in to help them.

Our approach

We committed to learn Expedia’s business models and commercial processes in a very short time, and put a well-resourced and appropriately layered dedicated team on site at Expedia, with minimal disruption to the legal team. We did our homework, about the industry, the commercials and the legal pressures, asked the right questions, and set  up our next generation extranet site to make the process of capturing everything as easy as possible.

We’ve worked on making processes better, and strived to make billing and revenue management easy, predictable and always great value to Expedia. That is what they achieve for their customers and our challenge is to always match that commitment.

The outcome

We now provide support to Expedia’s EAN, GTT and TAAP business units in London. We keep track of where else we might be able to help, try and predict where additional resource might be required, and offer a practical solution to it.

What Expedia think

“We’ve been very impressed with the way they have rolled up their sleeves and invested time in getting to know our business and how we work. Our business isn’t easy to understand but DWF have shown commitment and tenacity in ensuring a good grasp of our industry as well as Expedia. They have been helpful in making suggestions on how we can improve process and innovative in the way they approach billing and fee arrangements. All in all, a breath of fresh air."

What can we do for you?

DWF provides high quality services to some of the biggest and most dynamic companies in the world. Everything we do is scalable, so however large or small your legal challenge might be, get in touch. We are sure we can help.