G&LG&L (Geißendörfer & Leschinsky) is a leading digital media company specialising in the fields of streaming, software development and internet services.

In 1999, the company founded a streaming division to supply audio and video on the internet. G&L offers services as diverse as media processing, media delivery, event streaming, web acceleration and cloud security.

Among G&L’s clients are the Bavarian Parliament, Deutsche Telekom, Germany’s leading car producers and TV and radio channels (including German public broadcasters ARD). G&L has offices in Cologne and San Francisco.

The business challenge

G&L is a company with flat hierarchies. Their lack of bureaucracy prompted us to be straightforward as well, even when confronted with intricate legal questions.

Our approach

DWF focused on personal and direct communication. G&L is an excellent example of how maintaining a personal yet professional relationship with a client can foster a long-lasting relationship. It also emphasises the importance of having expert lawyers who are always able to give the right answer.

The outcome

We are a trusted advisor to G&L and continue to provide legal advice in a variety of areas including labor (employment) law and advice with pitches.

What G&L think

“DWF is pragmatic, fast and results-driven. It has been a pleasure to work with them. We gladly recommend this law firm to anyone who seeks talented and energetic lawyers who deliver what they promise. They work hard until they reach the desired outcome. On a side note, we also got to know them as good-humored and friendly professionals.” G&L

What can we do for you?

At DWF we regularly tackle complicated legal issues. The difficulty or complexity of a task does not deter us and we support our clients by helping them turn challenges into opportunities.

Klaus M. Brisch, LL.M. (USA)

Partner - Head of Technology - Certified Attorney in Information Technology

I advise on complex, national and international IT projects, including those focused on outsourcing and migration, technology-based transactions, compliance, IT security, data protection and privacy.