Our aspiration is to be the legal business where expertise, industry knowledge and leading edge technologies converge, enabling our clients to go further.

Every member of our team will embrace our values, embody our culture and exemplify our brand. At every level, new people of the highest calibre will continue to enrich the service we provide. We will always convey forthright opinions, decisively and with confidence. We never shy away from a challenge.

In order to work with the best clients we recruit, develop and value the best people – not just outstanding lawyers but superb managers and leaders.

Through greater contextual knowledge and better understanding of needs we provide a range of benefits for our clients: smarter decisions, reduced risk, greater clarity and flexibility. We will challenge our clients - and ourselves - enabling them to make a bigger impact and better deliver on their business goals.

Our client relationships will be broad based and built to last, we will work together, as one, to be the best and go further. 

Meet some of our people

Andrew Leaitherland

Partner - Managing Partner & CEO

I am the person responsible for bringing the great ideas of our people to life.

Alan Benzie


I am Chairman of the DWF Strategic Board and Chairman of the Remuneration and Nominations Committee.

Paul Berry

Partner - CEO of Insurance Services

I am the CEO of Insurance Services at DWF.


Stephen Miles

CEO - Commercial Services

I am CEO for Commercial Services and a member of both DWF's Executive and Strategic Boards, responsible for driving forward the Commercial Services strategy to deliver further growth and increased profitability.

David Irvine

Client Development Director

Catherine Williams

Chief People Officer

I am the firm’s Chief People Officer responsible for developing people strategy, people engagement and people investment.