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          Why transport is key to economic prosperity

          Why transport is key to economic prosperity report

          As the UK faces a future outside the European Union, its ability to trade – with Europe and elsewhere – will be crucial to its future prosperity.


          So what are the views of chief officers within the UK's largest businesses from sectors that are both critical to our economy and heavy transport users?

          We spoke to 180 CEOs and other chief officers from companies within retail, logistics, utilities, manufacturing and construction about the importance of transport, the state of infrastructure, the impact of Brexit and their confidence in emerging transport technologies.

          What the sector experts said :

          Charlie Hewson, Commercial Director, Emovis on the value of transport
          “The efficient movement of people and goods is the absolute number one requirement for any economy to grow."

          Laura Shoaf, Managing Director, Transport for the West Midlands on Brexit
          “What will be the relative strength of the pound and the impact on the workforce to build, maintain and operate infrastructure such as HS2? There is an unprecedented amount of infrastructure planned – do we have sufficient skills to deliver that?"

          Ben Foulser, Associate Director, KPMG on the future influence of technology
          “People will be less concerned about the mode of transport they use as long as it meets their requirements on price, quality and time.”

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          Transport technology: driving the North's transport network

          A discussion on the development of digital innovation in the transport sector, with a particular focus on the North of England. The discussion will cover technology’s potential to enhance the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the transport network.  Register your interest for our event here.