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          Risk mitigation, cost reduction and data management

          A new era of responsibility, transparency and risk mitigation for registered providers of affordable housing.

          DWF | Chartered Institute for Housing

          Risk mitigation, cost reduction and data management


          We had a great time at the at the Chartered Institute of Housing event meeting new contacts and spreading the word about DWF 360's suite of software. 


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          A suite of helpful features designed to keep you organised, transparent and compliant

          Your responsibilities and associated actions represent a complicated picture which is prone to human error and missed opportunities. Through our suite of dedicated software products we can ensure a robust approach to daily activities which are fully tracked and auditable.

          The perfect tools for continuous improvement

          • Mobile incident notification
          • Risk & compliance distribution tracking
          • Multi-site
          • Continuous improvement
          • Training tracking
          • Site induction & onboarding
          • Audit & Inspections
          • Crisis response
          • Easier fraud detection
          • Faster claims processing
          • Multiple asset portfolios
          • Full inventory
          • Delegation and monitoring
          • Document repository & correspondence handling
          • Easy, cloud-based access
          • Quick, flexible setup
          • Automated reporting
          • Heatmap trend analysis
          • GDPR ready
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack
          • Legacy system friendly
          • Smart inspection forms
          • Take pictures and annotate them… you can even draw on them for greater clarity
          • Add location information
          • Add time and date stamps
          • Look up reference information
          • Digital signatures
          • Barcode scanner – scan equipment or inventory and record relevant information


          Proven, scalable and flexible Software Platform

          Configuration not development is the fastest way to ensure a cost-effective delivery and onboarding of your new software. Because our EvoSuite platform is pre-built, your budget can be better spent on the areas that ensure a perfect fit, consultancy, project management and configuration.

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          Ashley Moss

          • CEO, DWF 360

          Neil Harris

          • Head of Technical Services, DWF 360

          Gary Goodman

          • Head of Business Development, DWF 360

          Seamlessly integrates your KPIs for tracking, notifying and reporting

          Whilst there are similarities in how individual companies approach continuous improvement, every company is unique and often at different stages in the journey to the “near perfect”. Our software solutions empower you to constantly monitor your overall performance whilst giving you the freedom to organise right down to the level of the individual worker, building, dwelling and tenant. This, far more robust approach, helps you to identify failed areas and standardise operations. Incidents can be immediately recorded, and the correct people notified instantly ensuring you are fully responsive within your legal obligations.

          Discover how DWF 360 helps your drive for continuous improvement >

          You can be fully prepared for a range of different key dates across the year

          By correct delegation of key action points and time relevant considerations, your software can notify responsible managers, ensuring their tasks are correctly and automatically delegated.

          Our management dashboards can output automated reports and display a helpful, at a glance RAG (red, amber, green) system for early response and more effective pre-planning.

          Your managers can control their employees’ workflows, action points and follow ups creating a transparent, auditable trail of information should any incidents occur or records be called upon during an audit.

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