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          DWF 360 EvoSafe

          Our market-leading, secure, cloud-based health and safety management software for improved compliance management with automated reporting and follow up actions to help you manage accidents, incidents, audits and inspections. Request a Demo

          DWF 360 EvoSafe

          Compliance software to address your mission critical goals

          • Mobile incident notification: Immediate response in a busy, mobile world.
          • Risk and compliance delegation handling: Automatically does the delegating for you.
          • Multi-site: Gives you the confidence to manage differing compliance obligations across a range of different sites.
          • Continuous improvement: Don’t just adhere. Get better every single day.
          • Training tracking: Never fall behind your vital skills base.
          • Site induction and onboarding: Keeping you on track and compliant on a daily basis.
          • Audit and inspections: Keeping you on top of your Health and Safety obligations in a timely fashion.
          • Crisis response: Our Crisis Response App notifies all early responders immediately.
          • Document repository and correspondence handling: Less time doing. More time making critical decisions.
          • Easy cloud-based access: One central resource for real-time information sharing and actioning.
          • Quick, flexible set up: Less onboarding time means your team can hit the ground running.
          • Automated reporting: Empower your managers with automated and “real-time” reporting.
          • Heatmap trend analysis: Identify hotspots earlier to reduce numbers of incidents.
          • GDPR Ready: EvoSafe tells you how to manage the data and maintain compliance.
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack: Smoother onboarding for legacy systems and multiple technology requirements.

          Ashley Moss

          • CEO, DWF 360

          Gary Goodman

          • Head of Business Development, DWF 360

          The benefits of using our EvoSafe software

              Reducing your impact of incidents

          • Identify and mitigate: Easily log incidents, accidents and audit inspection activity using our web and mobile app. Identify root cause and rectify what went wrong. Reduce the impact of Employee Liability claims.
          • Lessons learned: Update risk assessment and policy documentation in real time tracking versions.
          • Distribute and learn: Issue risk assessment and policy document updates via the mobile app and track employee declaration of understanding.
          • Continuously improve: Perform self or external audits/inspections to identify improvements to update risk assessments.
          • Remain compliant: Track and deliver on actions throughout and ensure compliance with key understanding and awareness document distribution.

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