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          DWF Pinpoint is an easy-to-use, cloud-based software package that lets you manage multiple portfolios - all in one place

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          Pinpoint is our market-leading software tool for competent, multiple asset management. Log in from anywhere, from any device and access, control and measure your asset portfolio information, quickly and simply.

          Market-leading efficiency

          Pinpoint keeps you fully organised across a range of different and complex asset portfolios. It has a simple, at-a-glance style design that is intuitive and provides a visual representation of your assets. 


          Market-leading information resource

          Collaborate, communicate, delegate and track securely across your organisation. Share information with colleagues or potential buyers and create insightful reports. Having all your assets’ information in one, well ordered and monitored location ensures portfolios are always ready for sale, financing or letting. 


          Market-leading integration

          The entire solution is legacy system friendly which means it can dovetail well into older, “clunkier” systems as well as newly deployed ones.


          Addresses your mission critical goals:

          • Multiple asset portfolios
          • Full inventory
          • Audit and inspections
          • Delegation and monitoring
          • Easy cloud-based access
          • Document repository & correspondence handling
          • Quick, flexible setup
          • Automated reporting
          • Heatmap trend analysis
          • GDPR ready
          • Compliance focused Microsoft tech stack
          • Legacy system friendly
          "With so many assets only intelligent software can keep you fully organised"

          Do you have multiple assets across multiple property portfolios? Would you like to be able to keep better control over all your documents, information and how you report or share them? Please contact us, we can review your property portfolio with you.


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