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          Market-leading online learning solutions tailored to suit your business needs.

          DWF Advantage

          Designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind DWF Advantage is a new way of integrating online learning into your business. 

          With over 30 modules already developed, we use a blend of in-house content and industry standard content from our content partners. We have created three key learning categories: legal and compliance, business skills and management and leadership. Each contains up-to-date content, relevant to small and medium-sized businesses, and a range of sectors and areas of work. 

          In addition, we have developed a number of stand-alone modules, focusing on specialist skills, perhaps relevant to only one industry and can create custom content to meet any businesses specific needs.

          What sets us apart is the expertise that our people can offer in developing and validating the content of the learning.

          How much does DWF Advantage cost?

          Our pricing is based on an annual licence fee and is tailored to the client, reflecting the size of the organisation, number of users and how many of the three learning categories are accessed. For example, for a small business (no more than 40 employees) this could be:

          1 learning category - £120 per learner
          2 learning categories - £190 per learner
          All three main learning categories - £250 per learner

          Customised modules are priced on application.

          Custom dashboards and branding are also available for all content on DWF Advantage, contact us to find out more.


          Yes, Advantage is fully responsive and works on smartphones and tablets.

          All compliance courses are reviewed and approved by our DWF experts in the relevant fields to ensure compliance with legal requirements. We also work with content partners to ensure the accuracy of business skills and leadership & management courses, some of which are ILM recommended.

          We review all of the content on an annual basis and update any compliance modules as soon as the law changes.

          Access to the standard streams can be completed in 2 business days, dashboard and course customisation roll-outs vary depending on the changes required.
          All elements of the courses can be edited to meet your specific needs. Branding, content, images and text can all be edited, this will require a customised dashboard and development costs for the changes required to the course. Price will vary depending on the level of customisation.

          Self-service reporting dashboards are available to all managers and provide live information on direct and indirect reports. Individuals can also be granted access to business wide reports if required.

          Reports can be scheduled and sent in excel format via email or downloaded from the system.


          Yes, reports are available for all course completions and can be used for CPD training were relevant.

          You can download the report to excel whenever you want, or to help you manage compliance Advantage can email the report to you on a monthly/weekly/daily basis.

          We offer a full design process for any content you require. We would be happy to sit and discuss the requirements with you and provide an informed quotation.
          Yes, as part of the standard licence fee we can configure deadlines and automated reminders for compliance courses.
          Advantage support is provided by email and follow up calls when required. We respond to all queries with 2 business days.
          No we are fully GDPR complaint. We will provide an excel document to complete, the minimum required information is first name, last name and email address.
          Yes, DWF Conforma is a separate suite of FCA specific training, contact us to find out more.
          No, licences are billed via invoice 1 year in advance. A year's initial payment is required for launch.
          We allow 20% reallocation within the year the licences are active. Unlimited changes can be made before renewing for another year.
          Yes, Advantage requires an active interney connection.
          We can create a course that has links to other resources within the organisation, but we would not host them on Advantage.

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          Colin Smith

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