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          Drafting contracts is often inefficient, time-consuming and expensive for in-house legal teams. To enable businesses to tackle these frustrations and reduce risk, DWF has worked closely with Thomson Reuters to develop DWF Draft, an automated contract drafting solution.

          DWF Draft

          How does DWF Draft benefit businesses?

          • A collaborative problem solving approach led by our process and automation specialists
          • The technical knowledge and practical experience of a leading legal business combined with the scale and resource of a global information and technology provider
          • The ability to extend the solution beyond your legal team to deliver further efficiencies through self-service contracting
          • DWF’s unique contract risk calculator with associated workflows to automate and triage the review of third party contracts
          • Solutions built on Thomson Reuters’ market leading contract automation platform Contract Express
          • Flexible solutions which allow you to pause or discontinue the process at any time
          • Transparent fixed pricing

          Our approach

          With minimal commitment and limited up-front investment each unique DWF Draft solution is created using our collaborative five stage discovery process:
          • Identify: We discuss your top challenges, frustrations or ideas, and together identify a priority issue.
          • Scope: We design and run a complimentary workshop around your business priority, conduct analysis and produce a scope for a potential solution.
          • Analyse: We review the analysis together, discuss the scope and agree whether to progress the solution to a prototype.
          • Prototype: We work with you to produce a low-cost prototype of the solution to use and test within your business.
          • Proposal: Following a successful prototype, we work together to produce a comprehensive proposal and business case for the development of a full fixed-price solution.
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          Key Information

          Managing risk

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          Jonathan Badrock

          • Head of Research & Development, DWF Ventures