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          DWF Consulting - Improvement

          Working closely with our clients, together we generate a deeper understanding of the needs and requirements necessary for their business to flourish.

          Business restructuring

          DWF Consulting - Improvement

          DWF Consulting is a cross sector multi-disciplinary division comprised of business improvement specialists; highly-skilled individuals who provide solutions to challenges encountered by our clients be they people, process or system focused. 


          "Working with DWF has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business area and the possibilities for innovation and change"

          Ed Hunt

          • Principal Consultant

          Define your strategy

          We release the true value from a strategy. 

          Every new business, product, improvement, or transformation began with a central 'Vision', whether this was documented or not. 

          The challenge most businesses face is in the translation of these visions into a common shared purpose, aligned activity with value being added to the desired audience. 

          Our energetic team work along-side businesses to develop complete clarity across all levels of the organisation in relation to what needs to be achieved; defining how the value from the vision can be realised. 

          Upgrade your customer's experience

          We take the guess work out of the equation.

          The feelings a customer is left with following an encounter with any organisation is a direct result of a collective of interactions, each one adding or detracting from the overall experience felt. In this mixed-bag are digital and physical interactions, direct and indirect exchanges of information. Pinpointing exactly where improvements and developments are required can sometimes be a guessing game, usually based on what is visible at that moment in time. 

          Our team of specialists define, analyse and enrich our client's understanding of the path their customers take using a hands-on collaborative approach. Our goal is to empower our clients to make better decisions in order to continually improve experiences, reduce costs and focus resource and activity where the impact is going to make a real difference. 

          Enrich your processes

          We support businesses to engage with their processes.  

          Almost three-quarters of businesses do not have the specialist resources available or the capacity to document their most important processes. This adds challenges into the business-mix creating guess-work, inconsistent service delivery practices and heightened risk of compliance failure, amongst a plethora of other dangers. 

          Our team of process specialists work in short-sharp project bursts, or structured delivery programmes, to ensure objectives are achieved and knowledge is transferred. 

          One of our core goals is to enable businesses to sustain the work started together. This aligns with our drive to become a valued disposable resource, as opposed to blocker to progress. With a see-one, do-one, teach-one approach, we freely share our knowledge and tricks of the trade with our clients, empowering them to reduce costs and increase their ability to continuously identify valuable opportunities and risks.   

          Introductory sessions

          We run free 30-minute one to one introductory sessions for businesses to demonstrate the various ways you can gather a new perspective, in structured, collaborative and creative ways.

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          What our clients say

          "Ed and Jason helped us streamline our Performance Management process focusing on our College's core strategy and mission. Working with Ed and Jason gave us the time to focus, evaluate and refine key processes. They were professional, efficient and innovate with a touch of humour thrown in."
          – Assistant Principal, Carmel College
          "Ed and Jay adapted and understood our business immediately and extracted everyone’s thoughts, priorities, creative ideas and possible solutions in a very intuitive way that everyone connected with. Ed and Jay positively connected with our team to extract what we felt our strengths are but more importantly where we can improve and ideas for how to do this. The clarity on the reporting structure has been excellent which is helping us to convert the findings and touch points into real outputs that we can action."
          – Director of Commercial Lettings, Urban Splash
          "Working with DWF has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business area and the possibilities for innovation and change. In addition we have been able to short cut the time lines for understanding what solutions are available in the market place and how relevant and flexible those solutions are against Fujitsu’s specific business needs."
          – Commercial Manager, Fujitsu
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          Using the techniques developed as part of our own winning business improvement programme, DWF Business Improvement uses cutting-edge process software to model and re-engineer your organisational processes and plans, and to reduce risk and improve productivity - all the time while controlling costs and keeping you involved at every step. 
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          Our carefully designed Innovation techniques challenge traditional problem-solving and idea-generation methods head-on. By using tools that enable a business to think completely differently, we will help you tap into undiscovered skills in your people, delivering your business with a fresh stream of creative solutions, ideas and concepts. Expect our sessions to generate refreshing, novel ideas in an exciting and fast-paced creative environment. This isn't about tree hugging away days – this is 'serious creativity' built around your day-to-day operations. 
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          DWF Data Analytics offers specialist R&D insight and expertise - delivering detailed, data-driven insight into the challenges and opportunities featuring on your commercial horizon. Whether presenting a more general picture or helping to prove (or disprove) a theory you’d like to test, we help you make more informed decisions when planning for the future.
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          Through the research and development arm of DWF Ventures, we are continually horizon scanning and experimenting with the latest developments in legal technology. Not only can we share our findings with you, but this provides us with the platform and expertise to review and test specific products which might be of particular interest or relevance. One example is DWF Draft, where we have developed not only a bespoke contract drafting solution for our clients but also a unique tool to enable clients to reduce the risk and time taken to review and negotiate third party contracts.
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          Ed Hunt

          • Principal Consultant