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        Innovation is born out of creativity and the generation of novel, new solutions. DWF Consulting enables its clients to understand what it truly means to think differently. By breaking the mould with the traditional and conventional methods of improvement, we look at problems in a different light in order to truly transform organisations.


        The Masterclass

        A 90 minute introductory seminar into how a culture of creativity and innovation can differentiate a business – helping to attract and retain the best staff, generate insights and fresh ideas, and create measurable value that could lead to the next innovative, breakthrough idea.

        Our masterclasses are renowned for their fast-paced, interactive style, and their ability to open the door to new perspectives on age-old challenges. You will feel highly energised and "chomping at the bit" to get your hands on the tools and techniques for yourself.

        • Realise the importance and value of adopting ‘serious creativity’ in the workplace
        • Gain insight into the different mental blocks that limit our ability to think creatively
        • Learn how our approach is "operationally savvy" and works alongside day to day business
        • Understand how to introduce a culture of creativity and innovation to your employees

        DWF Ideas Centres

        Think: "Martial arts for creativity". Our centres are designed for us to pass on the know-how, tools and techniques to drive innovation in your business. We provide a safe environment every couple of months to train and develop a select number of creative facilitators to "do it for themselves" in their own organisations.

        Three hours of highly energetic, engaging, mentally challenging fun, which takes you on an experiential learning journey to shape new skills, new thinking and potentially new innovative ideas. Expect to be challenged at every turn as we meander further away from how you would traditionally approach problem solving in your organisation. Harness the power of naivety by working in mixed, diverse teams to unleash the power of novel breakthrough thinking. 

        • Provide your organisation with an edge that fosters new thinking around problems within your organisations
        • Provide opportunities to your employees to learn new skills and experiences that will inject an element of enthusiasm and fun back into solving problems
        • Upgrade your approach to traditional problem solving so that it becomes part of everyday life and not a special project you do every now and then.

        Fail fast, learn quickly

        Work with us to map out who to target with your idea and embark on a “fail-fast, learn-quickly” journey through building rapid prototypes as we test your way to success. Designing and testing prototypes with your user at the core, we can tap into the expertise of our many partners to deliver quickly on your next breakthrough idea.

        Work with our wider team of designers, developers, engineers and other partners in sharp blasts of days and weeks (NOT years) to get your idea off the ground. Rapid prototyping is the name of the game, we're not looking at the polished articles here, just something that tells your story and you can show colleagues and customers. 

        • Embrace the power of failure. Understand that failing fast saves huge amounts of company time and money in the long run
        • Constantly keep your company on the edge of relevance, by building the next best product, service or solution
        • Extend your network to new expertise and technology in the market that could unlock the door to transforming what you do
        • Have fun experimenting and designing your concepts with our team

        What our clients say

        "Ed and Jason helped us streamline our Performance Management process focusing on our College's core strategy and mission. Working with Ed and Jason gave us the time to focus, evaluate and refine key processes. They were professional, efficient and innovate with a touch of humour thrown in."
        – Assistant Principal, Carmel College
        "Ed and Jay adapted and understood our business immediately and extracted everyone’s thoughts, priorities, creative ideas and possible solutions in a very intuitive way that everyone connected with. Ed and Jay positively connected with our team to extract what we felt our strengths are but more importantly where we can improve and ideas for how to do this. The clarity on the reporting structure has been excellent which is helping us to convert the findings and touch points into real outputs that we can action."
        – Director of Commercial Lettings, Urban Splash
        "Working with DWF has helped us to gain a deeper understanding of our business area and the possibilities for innovation and change. In addition we have been able to short cut the time lines for understanding what solutions are available in the market place and how relevant and flexible those solutions are against Fujitsu’s specific business needs."
        – Commercial Manager, Fujitsu
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