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          DWF Consulting Creativity & Innovation Masterclass (Leeds)

          The world is changing at an ever increasing pace, but the decisions we make and the behaviours we display are largely based on patterns and traditions of the past. This event is also being held in Liverpool. For further information please click here. 

          27 February 2019

          DWF LLP Leeds
          Bridgewater Place
          Water Lane
          LS11 5DY

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          In this masterclass, Jason Dunning, Co-Founder & Principal Consultant for Innovation at DWF Consulting, will explain how a culture of creativity and innovation can differentiate a business – helping to attract and retain the best staff, generate insights and fresh ideas, and create remarkable value that could lead to the next innovative, breakthrough idea.


          What will I learn on the day?

          •             Understand the value of adopting ‘serious creativity’ in the workplace

          •             Gain insight into the mental blocks that limit our ability to think creatively

          •             Understand how creative problem solving works

          •             Discover ways to introduce a culture of creativity and innovation


          What our clients say:

          "Thank you – life changing – professionally, personally and for the future.”  -Suffolk County Council

          “The Ideas Centre energised the organisation and we are now working with them to support a systemic culture of creativity and innovation. Exciting times!"  -Total UK Ltd


          This is creativity with purpose so we give you less of the theory, and more about things that really work!

          Start: 11:00 am

          Finish: 12:00 noon


          To view the same event at our Liverpool location, please click here

          Meet the speakers

          Jason Dunning

          • Principal Consultant