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          DWF Ventures is an innovative new business, designed to help develop new ideas, prioritise specific R&D priorities and to nurture early prototype services.

          Our approach is distinctively collaborative. We start by sitting down around the table, discussing innovation in legal services, and explaining the different approaches you can take. We want you to understand the role research & development can have in developing solutions, as well as to highlight the opportunities for innovation and growth it can present.
          It’s not enough to just pay lip-service to R&D. We want to help you identify the best opportunities on the horizon - as well as to prepare for the risks that are coming. Our innovation workshop gives you an overview of innovation trends (including the priorities we’re working to internally) and helps you to identify areas of interest or relevance. Our workshops can tackle a broad sweep of industry changes, or a specific area of focus (for example, AI). Most importantly they’re directed by you, to get you the results and information you need.
          A whole day workshop where you bring a particular problem and we use our own techniques to help you think through the problem in a creative way. This could include using our specifically designed methods and models as well as sector and service expertise, drawn from across DWF.

          Legal Design Challenge

          In 2019, inspired by the idea of using collaboration and design principles to improve contracting DWF, LEx Open Source, Radiant Law, and Wavelength Law hosted a Legal Design Challenge.

          The outputs from the day are available to download here >

          Key Information

          Legal Innovation

          As changes in technology and data disrupt the legal industry, how can legal businesses build a culture that embraces innovation and experimentation in order to deliver benefits for clients in an increasingly connected world? In conjunction with Raconteur/The Times, DWF has produced a thought leadership article that looks at change and innovation in the legal market.

          Download PDF (2.7mb)

          Jonathan Patterson

          • Managing Director - DWF Ventures

          What our clients say

          ‘We have involved DWF Ventures in considering various technologies for our global legal function and I have been impressed by their depth of knowledge and understanding of in-house legal teams, including not only on the technology solutions available but the internal actions and processes required before any successful implementation’
          – Paul Boyle, Group Deputy General Counsel, Serco Group plc
          'The team at DWF Ventures have really embraced the potential of legal technology and are keen to collaborate to deliver the best solutions for clients'
          – Lucinda Case, MD UK Legal Thomson Reuters
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