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          Public Accountability: Beyond Corporate Governance

          Over the last few years Parliamentary Select Committees have transformed from low-key polite inquiries into high profile public maulings. There has been a dramatic increase in the areas that Parliamentary Select Committees investigate, ranging from tax for digitalised businesses, packaging waste, pension deficits (e.g. Carillion), working conditions (e.g. Sports Direct) and bankers bonuses.
          Commercial Law

          05 June 2018

          DWF London
          20 Fenchurch Street,
          EC3M 3AG

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          It is no longer sufficient to operate within the law to protect your company's reputation. We have moved beyond the law and principles of good corporate governance and into a new area of public accountability.

          Our seminar will explore what the new risks are and how to avoid them, and will give some practical steps on how to create an effective narrative should your company face parliamentary scrutiny. General Counsels, Company Secretaries, HR directors and Public Affairs directors all have a role to play.  
          08:30 – Registration
          09:00 – Seminar
          10:30 – Teas & Coffees

          Hilary Ross, Executive Partner at DWF

          Hilary will discuss some of the key issues being investigated by committees and what can be done to avoid risk.

          The Rt Hon Mark Harper MP, former Government Chief Whip

          Mark Harper has sat on several Parliamentary Select Committees and will share his experiences and give unique insight into how to communicate effectively with Select Committees should the worst happen, including understanding what their drivers are and how to craft a meaningful narrative.

          Charlotte Lang, Director from Public Affairs agency Hume Brophy

          Charlotte will discuss how Public Affairs professionals can support in a crisis. Charlotte has extensive experience of preparing clients for committee appearances.

          Meet the speakers

          Hilary Ross

          • Head of Retail, Food & Hospitality // Executive Partner (London)