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          Retail Crisis Response Seminar with RSA

          In these times it is essential to be prepared and to have a solid structured plan in place. Join RSA & DWF's retail focused seminar to discuss the latest developments in the crisis management arena.

          30 May 2018

          DWF London
          20 Fenchurch Street
          EC3M 3AG

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          We will be delving into recent developments including:

          • The impact of sentencing guidelines on environmental and health and safety offences
          • The latest legal developments in the context of a retail crisis
          • Managing a retail crisis from the outset and undertaking the investigation – understanding the changes to legal professional privilege and necessary changes to early incident investigations
          • The impact of liability creep – extending the scope of retailers who may be investigated and prosecuted

          Alder, DWF's expert media partners, will also be joining us to discuss and advise on strategies for facing the media in a time of crisis.

          In addition to this Alder will be staging mock media and television interviews after the workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity to be questioned by a journalist and given advice on keeping to script under pressure, diffusing difficult questions and presentation style.

          09:30 - Registration & refreshments
          10:00 - Session starts
          12:30 - Close

          Tim Toulmin, Managing Director, Alder Media. Tim will advise on strategies for facing the media in a time of crisis.

          Meet the speakers

          Steffan Groch

          • Partner // Head of Regulatory