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          Two essential seminars for Road Transport Operators

          This seminar is split in to two sessions: 1. Managing a road transport crisis 2. the Operator Licence & navigating compliance standards. You are more than welcome to attend both, or choose to attend only the session more applicable to you.

          06 February 2019

          Hilton Belfast Templepatrick Golf & Country Club
          Paradise Walk
          Castle Upton Estate, Templepatrick
          BT39 0DD

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          Session one: Managing a road transport crisis

          If you are Director, Transport Manager or work within HR or Health and Safety and need advice on how to react to a transport crisis, this session is for you.

          In this session our expert panel will look at major incidents involving HGVs and PSVs and how they bring challenges such as criminal investigations, health and safety management and employment / disciplinary difficulties. Those challenges must be addressed, quickly, in the wake of a serious incident.

          Using a realistic accident scenario, this interactive seminar will cover how employers can protect themselves in the face of such a crisis. DWF will provide essential advice on how to manage a significant RTA or workplace accident situation in the event that the worst should happen to your business.

          Session two: The Operator Licence and navigating compliance standards

          A seminar for all involved in the management, investment, funding, purchase and administration of HGV and PSV transport companies.

          All businesses which operate HGVs and PSVs are required to have an Operator Licence. That licence brings with it significant obligations to ensure that the business is operating compliantly. In the event that those compliance standards aren't met, the Transport Regulation Unit has the power to revoke an operator's licence, or to refuse to grant a licence at all.

          The past few years have seen more regulatory action against operators by the Transport Regulation Unit than ever before. Not only should a company's compliance be of primary importance to Directors and Transport Managers, it is essential that those who fund, purchase and rescue such businesses understand the regulatory landscape.

          08:00 - 09:00 - Registration/ Breakfast
          09:00 - 10:45 - Session one
          10:45 - 11:15 - Tea and coffee break
          11:15 - 13:00 - Session two
          13:00 - 14:30 - Networking lunch

          Meet the speakers

          Vikki Woodfine

          • Partner // Head of Road Transport & Logistics // Head of Regulatory Compliance & Investigations (North West)

          Joanne Witheford

          • Deputy Head of Road Haulage & Logistics // Senior Associate

          Ken Rutherford

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Belfast)

          Ciara Liddy

          • Associate

          Gareth Jones

          • Partner // Head of Insurance (Belfast)