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          Visiting Occupier's Liability in the Real World – Have a Safe Trip

          This seminar will examine the nuances of the Occupiers' Liability Act by using real world practical examples to ensure that the Act is fully understood by all who attend.
          Regulatory Compliance

          28 March 2019

          DWF Leeds
          Bridgewater Place
          Water Lane
          Leeds, LS11 5DY

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          The Occupiers' Liability Act 1957 seeks to protect us from avoidable dangers within the environments around us but it can apply to different situations in very different ways, including the 1984 addition in respect of "trespassers" and the introduction of the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013.

          DWF LLP is an international legal business with specialism in defending personal injury claims.

          At this event we can discuss and provide clear and proactive advice which goes beyond claims handling to increase your understanding of one the key pieces of legislation in insurance claims and develop your ability to assess the strengths of claims at an earlier stage.

          There will also be opportunities to meet with experts from DWF LLP and Crown Office Chambers after to ask any questions.

          14:30 Registration and refreshments

          15:00 Seminar

          17:00 Networking drinks

          Peter Morton, Barrister, Cown Office Chambers will be providing a workshop on aspects of the Occupier's Liability Act in "Trouble at Calamity Farm"

          Edward Broome, Barrister, Crown Office Chambers will explore the risks of slipping on snow and ice and the duties owed in Public Liability and Employer's Liability Claims for these vested with control in "Slip Control and the Art of Gripping."

          Mark Armitage, Barrister, Crown Office Chambers will examine the duties owed by landlords of defective premises with a particular emphasis on knowledge and foreseeability in "A lessor obligation?"