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          Crisis Response Seminar with RSA

          Join DWF and RSA's seminar to discuss the latest developments in the crisis management arena.

          09 October 2019

          DWF London
          20 Fenchurch Street
          EC3M 3AG

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          Three years after the implementation of new Sentencing Guidelines for health and safety offences, routine fines running into the millions of pounds for corporate defendants and a string of custodial sentences mean that issues of crisis preparation are more important now than they have ever been. This is in addition to the increasing scrutiny posed by the public alongside the relevant Regulators, with the clear reputational risk that this brings.

          Furthermore, after a string of judgments that call into doubt the effectiveness of legal privilege in post-incident investigations all companies should consider the impact upon the status of those essential internal investigations.

          Our seminar topics include:

          The Impact of sentencing guidelines for health and safety offences
          Managing a crisis from the outset 
          Internal investigation
          Invoking and maintaining legal professional privilege
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          Alder Media, DWF's expert media partners, will also be joining us to discuss and advise on strategies for facing the media in a time of crisis.
          In addition to this Alder Media will be staging mock media and television interviews after the workshop. Attendees will have the opportunity to be questioned by a journalist and given advice on keeping to script under pressure, diffusing difficult questions and presentation style. 



          08:30 - Registration

          09:00 - Session

          12:30 - Close


          James Jevon - Senior Associate

          Ashley Moss - CEO, DWF 360



          Tim Toulmin - Managing Director


          Meet the speakers

          James Jevon

          • Senior Associate

          Ashley Moss

          • CEO, DWF 360