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          Discrimination and Equality

          Maintaining a diverse workforce has become a critical requirement for UK employers as they seek to attract and retain the best employees.

          The Equality Act is a detailed and complicated piece of legislation, which sets out employees' rights and an employer's duties in respect of:

          • age
          • disability
          • gender reassignment
          • marriage or civil partnership
          • pregnancy and maternity
          • race
          • religion or belief
          • sex
          • sexual orientation

          In addition to the legal imperatives, the social agenda is constantly changing and UK employers should be aware of the wider social context.

          At DWF, we help clients build and develop a workforce for the 21st century, whilst managing the risks arising out of legislative and social pressures.

          We can

          • audit your policies, procedures and workforce to identify risks and offer practical advice and training to manage those risks
          • draft policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the legislation whilst meeting the needs of your organisation
          • defend you when matters don't go as planned - from using your own internal procedures, through to mediation, and ultimately managing Tribunal proceedings. At all times, our purpose is to help you to secure the best resolution for your business
          • provide advice on best practice and keep you informed about up and coming legislative changes to ensure you understand and can adapt to the evolving legal and social context.

          Helga Breen

          • Partner // Head of Employment (London)

          Michael McLaughlin

          • Partner // Head of Employment

          Kirsty Rogers

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Manchester) & Head of Client Development

          Kate Meadowcroft

          • Director // Head of Employment (Birmingham)

          Joanne Frew

          • Partner // Head of Employment (Manchester)

          Tim Scott

          • Head of Employment (Liverpool) // Partner

          Marcus Kissel

          • Partner // Certified Attorney for Employment Law // Head of Employment (Germany)

          Thorsten Kuehnel

          • Senior Associate


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          DWF Advocacy

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