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          Trade Union & Collective Issues

          The relationship between employer and union can vary on a national and local level, depending on a number of historic factors, respective bargaining positions, the particular characters involved, and the issues at hand.

          Inevitably, the strength of such relationships can impact upon the efficient running of your business, the happiness and productivity of your people, and your ability to adapt in the face of challenging market developments.

          At DWF we act for a wide variety of UK employers on all aspects of employment relations issues including advising on:

          • voluntary and statutory recognition requests and agreements,
          • collective bargaining on a wide range of matters such as pay, terms and conditions and pensions,
          • industrial disputes involving high profile strikes, unlawful industrial action, action short of strike and injunctive relief,
          • collective mediation, and
          • collective litigation brought by unions on behalf of their members regarding alleged failure to pay holiday pay correctly, equal pay, and protective awards for redundancy. 

          Our approach is accessible, practical and innovative in style. We are alert to the potentially sensitive nature of industrial issues and relations, to reputational points of concern, and to the commercial realities and objectives of the client. Our advice is informed by the very real experience of engaging and negotiating with Trade Unions directly.

          With a particular focus on strategic risk management and pragmatic commercial resolution, we will help you to resolve potentially insoluble industrial disputes, and will ensure that positive relationships with unions and employees allow your business to focus on business.

          Helga Breen

          • Partner // Head of Employment (London)

          Michael McLaughlin

          • Partner // Head of Employment

          Kirsty Rogers

          • Partner // Executive Partner (Manchester) & Head of Client Development

          Kate Meadowcroft

          • Director // Head of Employment (Birmingham)

          Joanne Frew

          • Partner // Head of Employment (Manchester)

          Tim Scott

          • Head of Employment (Liverpool) // Partner

          Marcus Kissel

          • Partner // Certified Attorney for Employment Law // Head of Employment (Germany)

          Thorsten Kuehnel

          • Senior Associate
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.


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          DWF Advocacy

          DWF Advocacy

          DWF Advocacy is an expert, quality, streamlined advocacy service, operating as an alternative to the external Bar and traditional chambers - saving you money and making communication easier.


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          DWF Forensic

          DWF Forensic

          DWF Forensic is a team of experienced, qualified forensic accountants and investigators, with ‘Big Four’ accounting expertise. 


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