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        Tribunal Litigation

        Tribunal claims represent a significant business risk for all employers.  The recent decision of the Supreme Court is likely to mean that the number of claims will rise.

        The risks are not just financial: an employer's reputation can suffer, making it more difficult to recruit, as well as making it more likely that further claims will result. Employers need to manage these risks proactively to prevent claims arising, and reactively once claims are brought.

        Our approach is to help you understand the specific risk and so prevent claims arising as well as helping you to manage any claim as efficiently as possible in line with your overall strategic objectives.

        There are a variety of pricing structures for handling tribunal claims available in the market: fixed fee, menu pricing, capped fees, annual fees for handling a number of claims.

        We have experience of working on all or any of these bases, but always try to ensure that the particular fee arrangement reflects the client's appetite for risk, its claim profile, and its culture for how it likes to handle its claims. We have a simple tool to help clients decide on the best arrangement for them.

        Our track record shows that we consistently help clients reduce their numbers and cost of claims by our proactive and pragmatic approach.

        DWF Employment Service Hub

        DWF’s Employment Service Hub is an end-to-end digital platform spanning your complete employment law needs, from instruction and allocation of work, through to case management, document sharing, cost control and personalised management information reports. Instruct us quickly and efficiently, see real-time case status', access live and trend reporting, control costs and take pre-emptive action to prevent future issues. Find out more >