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        Parental Responsibility

        Parental responsibility is all the legal rights and responsibilities connected to a child. It allows you to be consulted in all major decisions concerning your child, such as medical treatment, change of name, and education.

        You obtain parental responsibility automatically if you are a mother of a child and/or married to the mother of your child. If you are a father and your child was born after 2003 and you are registered on the birth certificate as the father you will also automatically obtain parental responsibility.

        It is advisable to obtain parental responsibility to ensure that you share the rights and responsibilities as a parent with your ex-partner. This will allow you to consent to medical treatment for your child/children and be consulted in all major decisions concerning their upbringing. You can obtain this either by entering into an agreement with your ex-partner or by way of Court Order.

        Our nationally renowned family team can advise on all issues  relating to children and parental responsibility and we aim to reach satisfactory agreements without going to court if at all possible. We have a long track record in working with parents in these fields and consider it an immense privilege to be trusted with this.

        We combine exemplary legal knowledge of the whole legal process with a sympathetic and understanding approach as we understand how important your children are in your life. We take this responsibility very seriously.

        David Pickering

        • Partner // National Head of Family

        Beverley Jones

        • Partner // Head of Family Department (Liverpool)
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