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          We understand the sensitivities and present a new way of handling abuse-related claims.

          Our team of specialists provide market-leading expertise across all forms of abuse-related claims under public liability, professional/officials indemnity and medical malpractice policies.


          With a long track-record for advising across this area, we understand that you need an expert legal team with a fundamentally practical approach to supporting you, and victims, throughout the claims process - whether negotiating a settlement, triaging a claim (to ensure only the most realistic are defended), or handling litigation. Our work covers both UK and International.

          We stand out for our holistic approach to work in this field, drawing together market-leading expertise in sexual harassment, abuse, social services, human rights, child sexual exploitation, safeguarding and employment, to advise on coverage, regulatory, compliance, investigations and inquiries, as well as crisis management and recovery actions.

          Our proven track-record for innovation sets us apart

          Data and opponent/behaviour profiling is just one of the ways we’re leading the market, whether advising local authorities, charitable organisations, religious and faith organisations, private and public sector care homes or care providers (including fostering), schools, sports organisations, multi claimant groups or individuals.

          Our global locations