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          The advent of the claims portal and government reform of the personal injury claims environment has resulted in a complex decision-making process. It is vital that your claims handling team identifies which regime applies to any given claim, and the most cost-effective handling solution.

          "DWF Evaluate allows our teams to confidently identify the correct regime for costs in any set of circumstances, and check the cost claims presented to them. What sets it apart from other costs calculators is the capability to compare the predicted total cost of a claim in a variety of scenarios when deciding how to proceed. It's invaluable in helping handlers understand the options open to them."
          – Claims Manager (Motor Insurance)

          DWF Evaluate is our online decision support tool for personal injury claims handling, designed specifically for our insurance clients.

          What is DWF Evaluate?

          Accessible through our password-protected client extranet, DWF Evaluate is an online system for recording, managing and calculating costs on personal injury claims for motor, EL and PL cases. Designed with insurers and claims handlers in mind, DWF Evaluate helps your team ensure that the correct payment of costs are calculated on all third party personal injury claims. It allows handlers to compare different handling approaches, for instance, the introduction of a contributory negligence argument, and assess the impact of this on the overall cost of the claim.

          What does DWF Evaluate deliver?

          With our clear, intuitive DWF Evaluate platform, our insurance clients get the following:

          • Access to the DWF Evaluate claims calculation tool for all your claims handling teams
          • The ability to generate claims costs comparisons for different claims settlement scenarios
          • On each claim – a report that summarises the key aspects of the case and the costs applicable, broken down into individual cost elements
          • A data store which allows your handlers to retrieve the claims information they have input to DWF Evaluate.

          For more information download the DWF Evaluate brochure

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