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          Reviews of the claims handling practices of insurance client's teams.

          Our international reputation as one of the leading insurance law teams helps us to identify the areas where you are not compliant with internal procedures, and to suggest the best opportunities for adopting performance enhancing practices.

          With changes to the law and practice in handling insurance claims, understanding how you perform, as well as opportunities for development, can feel impossible to reconcile. 

          We’re known for our distinctively practical and robust approach. We take an independent view of your team’s performance. We understand that controlling the cost of claims settlements is vital you.

          What sets us apart is our commitment to seeking out ways in which you can change practice to reduce the costs that might be claimed by claimant lawyers, and ensure that damages spend is contained. Most importantly, we work hard to ensure that claims are dealt with in a manner that not only aids overall claims spend but meets Insurance Industry and Legal Services Standards.

          A complete service

          We understand that the best value comes from our working collaboratively, drawing together experts for each unique matter. We have auditors with experience of working within the Insurance industry, and who understand the issues it faces, as well as wider expertise across all areas of insurance law and forensic accountancy.

          Key Contacts and Information

          Charles Ashmore

          Charles Ashmore


          Graham Dickson

          Graham Dickinson


          Gareth Jones

          • Partner // Head of Insurance (Belfast)