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          Bodily Injury Research Garage

          Expert understanding of tech and client-based medical developments and their impact for insurers

          As part of one of the UK’s largest and most highly respected insurance practices we understand that insurer clients may have concerns over a lack of visibility of future medical developments (both tech-based and clinical) and how those developments might then impact on indemnity spend.

          We believe that, in catastrophic injury matters, insurers should be forewarned and forearmed.

          Our Bodily Injury Research Garage uses combined knowledge of the healthcare, insurance and legal worlds to gain insight into emerging issues, treatments and technologies, so that we can help you drive improved, future large loss management performance, manage indemnity spend and plan for any increasing costs.

          We attend conferences and review the latest research publications in an effort to identify elements which are both emerging and relevant. We then bring them to your attention either through personal consulting, our social media channels or through the regular articles which we author.

          A truly market-leading service

          We have made horizon scanning a key feature of our annual Cat PI conferences for a number of years and no other law firm has a partner who is a member of one of the world's foremost rehabilitation organisations - the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine.

          Key Contact and Information

          Ian Slater

          Ian Slater

          Partner / Head of Product Development & Innovation

          Ian Slater

          • Partner // Head of Product Development & Innovation