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          Catastrophic Injury

          Our Catastrophic Injury team bring a wealth of experience and expertise, specialising in all aspects of serious personal injury claims. We are therefore able to offer a comprehensive training programme that will meet your needs. Please see below a few examples of the type of training we can provide.

          Calculating Future Loss Claims – Ogden Tables 7 Ed.
          This session will provide you with a background to future loss calculations, including multipliers, discount rates, and future loss of earnings.

          Claims for Psychiatric Injury
          This session will provide you with an understanding of the general principles of recovery for psychiatric injuries, and points to be aware of when instructing a medical expert and when challenging medical evidence.

          Fatal Claims – lost years and dependency
          This session will equip you with knowledge of the relevant legislation in this area, and provide you with an understanding of the various heads of claim involved in fatal cases, with particular reference to dependency claims and how to deal with them, including the calculations involved.

          Police Collision Investigation
          This session provides you with an understanding of how police collision investigation is structured and in addition discusses the evidence and how to access them.