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          We understand that the rehabilitation market is becoming increasingly dominated by a limited number of well-funded companies - impacting on choice and enhancing the risk of conflict.

          How we can help

          Our rehabilitation specialists work collaboratively with insurers, lawyers, claimants and their families, to promote good practice in rehabilitation and disability management, to achieve the best possible recovery and to ensure a positive return on investment for all parties.

          Operating through our internal team of Medical Relationship Managers we offer a full service to ensure that sensible, affordable and locally sourced treatment and care options are available and provided. Our Medical Rehabilitation Managers are all healthcare professionals and Case Managers with a wealth of experience of managing rehabilitation and critical health issues. This service is unique to DWF.

          Key Contact

          Graham Dickson

          Graham Dickinson


          Working across the UK

          Integrated within our nationally-renowned insurance and personal injury teams, and based across three office locations, our Medical Relationship Managers are focussed on maximising the optimal recovery for those injured in accidents.