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          The cost of reported fraud to the UK economy has been estimated to be £52bn. For businesses, the threat or employee fraud, supply chain irregularities and information theft are now high agenda risk issues due to the cost of responding and the loss often being so significant. 

          Our team of fraud specialists understand that once fraud is discovered it is essential for those affected and their professional advisers to react swiftly and effectively in order to minimise the losses and reputation impact they may have suffered. More importantly, our team recognise the cost of preventing fraud is far better than having to find a cure after the event.

          Helping you prevent and react to the threat of fraud
          The true cost of fraud is not just a quantifiable number. It includes the loss identified to have been caused by the fraud as well as the other costs such as penalties from regulators, the cost of an investigation and disciplinary process, the loss of shareholder value as well as the unquantifiable loss in terms of reputational damage and loss of trade. Our Fraud & Risk team have now developed Fraud Response to help counter and react to the events of fraud and save our clients money.

          How can Fraud Response help your business?

          • It gives you easy access to expert legal advice via our Fraud Helpline regarding concerns or advice needed relating to internal or external threats of fraud.
          • Up to two bespoke in house training sessions (2 hours per session) on fraud prevention or issues relevant to areas of concern at client request.
          • Annual review and advice on your counter fraud policies including your Fraud Prevention Plan, Fraud Reaction Plan and Anti Bribery Policy.
          • Sector specific quarterly updates on sector fraud news and best practice.
          • Clients subscribing to Fraud Response are eligible for discounted fees on all subsequent fraud related advice be it policy arrangements through to litigation advice

          CIFAS (the UK’s Fraud Prevention Service) reported in November 2013 that the average cost of investigating a fraud of under £25k was £22,564, under £100k was £28,631 and for between £100k and £1m it was £39,733. Fraud Response can help reduce the risk of this potential immediate loss of investigation costs.

          DWF Fraud Response is priced at a highly competitive rate of £750 plus VAT per month.

          Contact us for a FREE consultation
          DWF Fraud Response can provide the reassurance and guidance you need to ensure that your organisation is better placed to prevent and react swiftly to acts of dishonesty. For more information, please get in touch >

          Key Contact

          Lorraine Carolan

          Partner & National Head of Counter Fraud

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