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          DWF Sonar

          DWF Sonar verifies claimant and insured information via a comprehensive set of search tools. By building a profile of your claimant or insured, DWF Sonar can assist in enhancing case strategies, improving efficient case management, policy creation and fraud detection.

          DWF Profiling Services

          There are currently two Sonar products available for insurers.

          DWF Sonar Claims: a low cost claimant profiling and validation service

          Without access to the systems and skills required to profile claimants effectively, there is a risk that personal injury claims handlers are unaware of the depth of legally obtainable and DPA compliant analysis available to assist with a broad range of cases. The wide range of tools and resources utilised by DWF help build a profile of the claimant, enhance case strategy, improve efficient case management and identify potentially fraudulent and exaggerated claims.

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          DWF Sonar Underwrite: a profiling service which aids professional indemnity insurance underwriters in making policy or premium decisions.

          This service profiles companies prior to any policy being offered, in order to establish any potential business risk. DWF Sonar Underwrite can assist your decision process in whether to offer a policy or to increase a premium.

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          Lisa Sanzeri

          • Director // Intelligence Manager

          Paul Holmes

          • Partner // Head of Fraud & Technical Insurance (Leeds)
          Connected Services offers a range of stand-alone consultative services that complement our legal offering in each of our core sectors.
          DWF Claims

          DWF Claims

          DWF Claims is a global claims management business specialising in the management and administration of all classes of commercial lines claims.
          DWF Advocacy

          DWF Advocacy

          Our team of experienced barristers, advocates and mediators provide domestic and international advice on all issues, procedural and substantive, arising in litigation and on tactics and strategy.

          DWF Costs

          DWF Costs

          DWF Costs provides expert direction in relation to all cost matters - from recovery through to negotiation, points of dispute, provisional assessments and detailed assessment hearings.