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          Claims Farming

          We understand that validating whiplash claims, and managing the cost of farmed, coerced and late notified claims, as well as reducing indemnity spend, can be a drain on resources.

          By considering the route to market and identifying business models that can be resisted, a strategic approach to claims farming can guarantee savings and results.

          Working for some of the best known insurers in the industry, we are recognised as market leaders in the identifying and disrupting farmed claims.  With a dedicated and experienced team, we offer a bespoke, best-practice strategy to assist you in tackling fraudulent and farmed claims.

          Our clients trust us to deliver measurable results in reducing indemnity spend and tackling farmed claims.  Our reputation for disrupting claimant business models, assessing pre-litigation MI, assisting with criteria and strategy, as well as profiling, allows us to put in place bespoke, combined pre-litigated and litigated workflow processes.  Using our unique Predictive Analytics we can identify cases and risks for you, advising on whether claims are valid or to be defended.  We also specialise in costs recovery sanctions as well as delivering ongoing training to claims handlers and management.

          Key Contact and Information

          Tailored to your needs and aspirations

          The work we do for you will be tailored entirely to your needs and commercial aspirations.  That means a bespoke, cradle-to-grave strategy that saves money, delivers strong messages and guarantees results.

          Lorraine Carolan

          • Partner // National Head of Counter Fraud