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          Organised Fraud

          With an economic downturn and technological advances, insurers have come under increasing threat from organised fraud. Costing the Insurance industry more than £340m per year, it stands to reason you need a legal team with a track record for success.

          What we do

          We’re proud of our high success rate for combatting organised insurance fraud.  With a 80% kick out rate and 85% trial success rate, we’re recognised as one of the leading, specialist teams working in this field.

          Working as a dedicated unit within our national Counter Fraud team, we have organised fraud specialists, including business analysts, intelligence analysts and lawyers, delivering market leading intelligence and legal strategies, pre and post litigation. We are experts in dealing with group litigation, ensuring cases are linked and that they follow one combined civil or criminal strategy.


          How we do it 

          We act for some of the UK’s largest and most recognised insurance companies.  Our clients trust us to be ahead of the curve in terms of expertise and the provision of advanced analytics – designed to help you combat fraud and reduce your loss ratio.  Working collaboratively we’re known for our commitment to understanding your requirements, as well as for taking the time to develop lasting, strategically relevant solutions to combatting fraudulent networks.


          Some of the leading practitioners in the field

          Underpinned by a market leading and award winning Intelligence and Consultancy team, including predictive analytics, profiling and telematics consultants, our dedicated Organised Fraud Team has some of the leading practitioners in the fraud market. The team is overseen by our Head of Organised Fraud, James Stevens who led 'The Azimi Group of Cases', a ground breaking case in respect of the use of similar fact evidence across multiple linked cases.

          James Stevens

          • Director // Head of Organised Fraud

          Lisa Sanzeri

          • Director // Intelligence Manager

          Lorraine Carolan

          • Partner // National Head of Counter Fraud