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          Pet Insurance Fraud

          With increasing treatment prices, as a result of improvements in technology and veterinary treatments, combined with limited insurer data and industry-trend cross-referencing, it is little wonder Pet Insurance Fraud has risen 400% over the past four years.

          DWF offers a unique, multi-disciplinary approach to fighting Pet Insurance Fraud - whether advising on claims for bogus and fictional pets, fictitious claims, pet pedigree fraud, incorrect treatment or over-servicing, drugs fraud, impersonation of a vet or covering up pre-existing conditions.

          We stand out for our commitment to innovation, as well as our nationally-recognised pre and post litigation legal expertise. In particular our Pet Insurance Fraud experts draw in bespoke technology solutions and specialists including:

          • DWF 360 - our technology offering - reduces risk and exposure to fraud through the provision of a cloud-based, configurable platform designed to identify opportunistic and organised fraud, as well as incorporating data washing and screening. 
          • Working alongside this, DWF’s predictive and profiling analysts work with your data to identify fraud trends, including problem customers, links between parties, unusually high costs and high-risk fraud alerts.
          • DWF’s Intelligence Team provides due diligence services, including washing data to identify and report on red/amber/green fraud alerts, profiling individuals and entities, as well as screening for multiple policies at the same address and links between entities.
          • DWF's Recovery Team will provide advice on prospects of recovery on a risk and reward basis.

          Key Contact

          Lorraine Carolan

          Partner & National Head of Counter Fraud

          An award-winning insurance fraud team fighting pet fraud

          With a high level of insight in the pet insurance market, we draw together solutions through our unique, ‘one-stop-shop’ service, spanning technology, predictive analytics, profiling, intelligence and, of course, award-winning legal expertise. 

          Lorraine Carolan

          • Partner // National Head of Counter Fraud