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          Our Values

          Our commitment to our values enables us to recruit, retain and develop the highest quality of people who are experts in their fields.

          Our values are at the heart of everything we do and are used as a benchmark for many of our strategic decisions, particularly when growing and developing our business.

          Here they are:

          Always aim higher

          By refusing to do only the minimum and reaching further every time, we expand the realm of what's possible.

          • Strive to beat expectations
          • Deliver service excellence
          • Immerse yourself in your field
          • Be a role model for best practice
          • Drive development in yourself and others.

          Be better together 

          By supporting each other and working as a team we can achieve more for our clients and ourselves.

          • Connect across the business
          • Recognise, respect and value each other
          • Be visible and accessible
          • Promote knowledge sharing
          • Encourage, enable and empower others.

          Disrupt to progress

          Just because there's an established way of doing things, it doesn't mean things always have to be that way.

          • Champion new ideas
          • Embrace and promote change
          • Seek opportunities for improvement and growth
          • Have an opinion and get involved
          • Pause. Think differently.

          Keep all promises 

          A promise is a promise, no matter how large or small. By keeping promises, we build trust, loyalty and commitment.

          • Listen carefully, promise accordingly
          • Take ownership
          • Be transparent and genuine
          • Do what you say you will
          • Have a ‘can do’ attitude.

          Attend to details 

          Paying attention to every last detail is the right way to ensure that clients experience the very best of DWF.

          • Communicate effectively and professionally
          • Deliver on your objectives and targets
          • Give and encourage constructive feedback
          • Understand your impact on our commercial and financial achievement
          • Say thank you.

          Tyrone Jones

          • Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement