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          How have we benefited from employing apprentices?

          Julia Perez, Partner and Head of the Lender Services & Legal Support Centre talks about the successful introduction of apprentices across our commercial services division.


          The introduction of apprentices across our commercial services division has been an absolute success for both us and our apprentices. Our apprentices have shown absolute dedication and enthusiasm from the outset to understand the job at hand and our business at large. 

          Their keenness to learn and develop has enabled us to invest our time in educating them as to how a legal business functions and to give them the base knowledge to apply this to their daily tasks.  The benefit of having apprentices with a thirst to learn is that we are able to organically develop them and mould them into our business and immerse them in our values which then become evident in their behaviours and across the high quality work  they produce.  

          Their simultaneous on-going learning is demonstrated as they develop in their ability to pick up a wider range of tasks and show greater depth in their understanding.  Our apprentices bring with them a different lens to working life offering some really innovative thoughts and ideas to help drive the business. It is a pleasure to see our apprentices thrive and develop from newly placed legal apprentices right through to those following the solicitor apprenticeship route to qualification and watching their careers blossom.

          Julia Perez, Partner Head of Lender Services & Legal Support Centre (LSC)

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          Aisha Saeed | DWF

          Aisha Saeed

          Apprenticeships Specialist