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          The apprentice talent that is shaping our culture

          Ty Jones, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement, talks about how apprentices are an important part of the inclusive culture at DWF.

          DWF is a proud employer of apprentices. They are an important part of our culture here, an inclusive culture that embraces diverse people into our business.

          Diversity, in all its various forms, is central to our success as a global business and our apprentices are gaining skills that will help raise our productivity and through their different experiences, backgrounds and insights, help us to articulate what we mean when we talk about a culture of inclusion. In short - our apprentices can not only experience an inclusive culture, they help shape it!

          Ours is also a collaborative culture, meaning our apprentices work alongside and socialise with a variety of people, experiencing DWF and our values every day.

          More and more parts of our business are recognising that hiring an apprentice is a productive and effective way for us to grow talent and we continue to work hard to ensure we can engage our business areas to provide a fantastic career path for people who can earn while they learn. Over the last couple of years our apprentices have helped reinforce and embed a continuous learning culture at DWF, that is helping to drive business growth and create a strong pipeline of diverse talent, so we can deliver on our purpose of transforming legal services through our people for our clients. 

          There can be no doubt that apprenticeships work – they are one of the oldest ways of bringing new talent into a workforce and one of the ways we can ensure we remain competitively skilled in the future. However, we can always aim higher and employ apprentices on a greater scale as we continue our push to create a more diverse, representative talent pipeline at DWF.

          Taking the time to build a culture that’s supportive and receptive of apprenticeships is about ensuring we continue to offer this emerging talent the best springboard to a successful career and by doing so we're already seeing the benefit of investing in potential - all the apprentices from our first cohort of talent recruited in 2016 were offered permanent roles at DWF last year and as their presence in our business and impact continues to be felt, it will demonstrate the pivotal role played by learning and development in our continuing success.

          So let's take this opportunity to celebrate all our apprentice talent and reinforce our commitment to providing great career pathways for our apprentices and fostering an inclusive culture for them to thrive.

          Ty Jones, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility and Engagement

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          Aisha Saeed | DWF

          Aisha Saeed

          Apprenticeships Specialist