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          Are you ready for this year's 5 biggest food sector trends?

          Whilst there are challenges ahead, the opportunity to influence the shape of the future is greater than ever.  

          Whilst there are challenges ahead, the opportunity to influence change is greater than ever. We can help you plan for your business, ensuring you understand the bigger picture and help shape, not react to, the agenda.

          1. International Instability 

          From Brexit to trade sanctions between the US and China, we are seeing an unprecedented period of instability. Do you know how post Brexit regulatory or tariff changes may impact you? Is your business ready for a period of instability? Have you reviewed your supply to ensure it can withstand trade and border disruption? Have you factored in potential changes in FX?

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          2. Labour Supply

          Beyond the UK’s apprenticeship levy, changes to gig economy and reduction in migrant labour, the sector has an aging population – is your labour model ready for the future? Would different recruiting models work? Or an increased reliance on technology?

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          3. Social Responsibility

          Will increased government focus on nutritional profiles impact your products in 2019? Allergen labelling is back in the press, is your business in line with regulations and prepared for change?

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          4. Innovation and Technology

          Have you thought about how technologies such as blockchain may benefit your supply chain? Will alternative sources of protein impact you? Are you prepared for new and innovative methods of food production? What role does 3D printing or artificial intelligence have in food manufacturing?

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          5. Waste and Plastics

          Are you realising the value in waste? Do you have sufficient land to meet the need for proteins? Do you know how anaerobic digestion or other clean energy might help your business? Are you ready to reduce the plastic in your packaging?

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          Follow the links above to find out more about the key issues, what they mean for your business and how to prepare. If you have any questions or would like to get in touch then please contact Dominic Watkins, Head of Food Group. 

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