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          Crown Commercial Services Framework for Wider Public Sector – Legal Services RM3788

          Download our framework prospectuses.

          DWF is delighted to have been appointed to the Crown Commercial Services framework for 'Wider Public Sector – Legal Services' (RM3788). This means that if you are a public sector organisation and you qualify to use this CCS framework, you can now appoint us through the contract.

          We have been appointed to the following Lots:

          • Lot 2a – Full Service - England and Wales
          • Lot 2b – Full Service - Scotland
          • Lot 2c – Full Service - Northern Ireland 
          • Lot 4 - Transport Rail

          Contract Details:

          • Commencement Date: 1st October 2018
          • Contract Duration: 3 years
          • Contract Extension: Optional 12 month extension

          ->Download our framework prospectus for Full Service Lot 2a b and c (England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland)

          Download our framework prospectus for Transport Rail: Lot 4

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