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          DWF Foundation Trustees

          The Foundation is managed by a group of trustees appointed from within DWF.

          The Trustees are representative of the different people and locations that make up DWF. They are dedicated to providing the governance of the Foundation, setting its priorities, monitoring the results and ensuring we maximise the impact and effectiveness of the grants the Foundation awards.

          Jim Davies Nerissa Hatcher
          Jim Davies, DWF Foundation Chair Nerissa Hatcher, Solicitor
          Kieran Walshe Alex Morgan
          Kieran Walshe, DWF Foundation Vice Chair Alex Morgan, Solicitor
          Jewels Chamberlain Andrew O'Connell

          Jewels Chamberlain, Director

          Andrew O’Connell, Director

          Lindsay Ogunyemi
          Marsha Crosland, Associate Lindsay Ogunyemi, Senior Associate
           Lisa Smith | DWF Jonathan Patterson

          Lisa Smith, Head of Knowledge Services

          Jonathan Patterson, Development Director

           Sam Guckian | DWF    Lesley Hall | DWF
           Sam Hathway, Client & Facilities Support Assistant    Lesley Hall, Banking and Treasury Manager