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          Carole Demarquay

          Claims Handler // Paralegal

          Carole Demarquay is a claims handler specialising in French motor claims and French motorsports claims

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          Carole is a claims handler and paralegal currently working with DWF France and DWF Claims in their Paris office. Of French and Venezuelan nationalities, she speaks French, Spanish, English and Portuguese. Her background allows her to adapt to any international context.

          With a first position in AXA’s International motor claims department in France, she has gained experience handling motor accidents in collaboration with AXA’s affiliates. She has also gained experience in motor insurance fraud cases working with AXA’s anti-fraud and anti-terrorism cells. Now at DWF Claims, her motor insurance background is helping her offer a deep understanding of French motorsports claims. In line with DWF’s core values about client satisfaction, she keeps an open line of discussion to update her local and UK based clients, as well as protecting their interests when approaching local claimants.

          New in the French insurance market, Carole is helping develop DWF Claims in France with the help of DWF Claims in Bristol. To approach such a difficult market and promote the structure, she has participated in the AMRAE (Risk Management and Insurance company association) 2017 annual event in Marseille to find new potential clients in France and abroad.

          Thanks to DWF’s policy of collaboration between departments, she has had the opportunity to work with Vuety in auditing Insurance and broking companies in France and abroad. She also works as a paralegal for the Insurance department of DWF (France) AARPI assisting with insurance and reinsurance cases and reinsurance arbitration cases.