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          Jonathan Goacher


          Jonathan is a corporate & regulatory lawyer focusing on the insurance industry.

          Jonathan has over 15 years’ experience at leading international law firms advising multinational corporations and international investors on how to start and conduct business in southeast Asia. 

          He specialises in providing corporate and regulatory advice in the insurance sector, including on: 

          • Business establishment;
          • Mergers and acquisitions;
          • Joint ventures;
          • Reorganisations;
          • Portfolio transfers;
          • Run-off arrangements;
          • Reinsurance;
          • Product development and policy wordings;
          • Licensing;
          • Bancassurance;
          • Delegation and managing general agents;
          • Governance;
          • Risk and capital management; and 
          • Sanctions, anti-money laundering and anti-corruption regulations.
          Jonathan is a member of the American Chamber Of Commerce in Singapore.