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          Suzanne Moir

          Partner // Head of Projects: Road, Rail and Aviation

          As a Partner in the Construction and Infrastructure Team, Suzanne works with public and private clients on infrastructure and project related matters, including PPP/PFI and NPD projects.
          Her main areas of expertise include transport (roads, tolling, light rail, rail franchises and Public Service Obligations), waste as well as defence.

          Suzanne has worked on PPP and related matters across a wide range of sectors for almost 15 years. During that time she has worked with talented individuals from across the sector to deliver some of the highest profile infrastructure projects in the UK. Career highlights to date have included advising Sanef, the provider and operator of the tolling infrastructure on the Mersey Gateway Project (closed March 2014), and advising a member of the Infraco on the Edinburgh Trams Project.

          Suzanne is committed to helping my clients deliver the best possible outcome for their business or public sector organisation. She works with them to help them understand and focus on the key risks in the project documentation and to find a way to manage and mitigate those risks in a manner that is compatible with their business model. It is never dull and the analysis is rarely identical even on projects that appear to be superficially similar. That's why she is still here and looking forward to the next 15 years!

          When not in work Suzanne enjoys surfing in Cornwall, the North and the East of Scotland, skiing and music.

          "A good projects lawyer who knows her stuff and fights tooth and nail for her clients."

          Chambers Global