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          Techtonic shift in Real Estate: Staying ahead as technology shakes up the sector

          Technology has the potential to transform any sector, and real estate is no exception – whether it is through the use of blockchain providing increasing liquidity and transparency on transactions, or the use of artificial intelligence to allow ever more accurate investment decisions to be made. But is the market ready?

          In a recent global survey real estate was found to have the lowest adoption rate of any sector for new technologies. Our report looks into the cultural aspects that may lie behind this as well as the tech that could help to drive the industry forward into its next evolution.

          of organisations have already invested in AI and ML during the last financial year
          star graph on technology spend
          bracket companies are more likely to see technology as an enabler for growth

          We conducted a survey of over 375 global C-Suite Executives and General Counsel, what we found was stark. There was considerable difference between a number of countries, as well as conflicting opinions between prominent roles within organisations. 

          Techtonic shift in real estate highlights six key areas in which we should explore to open the possibilities which new technology in the sector could offer, as well as considerations as to how we might mitigate the underlying risk that is associated with their adoption. 

          Download the report below to uncover insights into these six key areas, along with an analysis of whether and to what extent digital innovations are being embraced by the sector.

          of asset managers and investors say technology can lead to better decision making

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