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          Brexit Blueprint

          We have identified three key business areas affected by Brexit, to help you proof your business:
          i.) Labour, people and employment;
          ii.) Tariffs and customs barriers to the movement of goods;
          iii.) Non-tariff barriers and regulatory issues that will affect future trade flows, both in goods and services.

          Brexit focus on tariff barriers and the new EU/UK customs relationship – what this means for your business


          City of London: Blueprint for growth - one year on

          24 Apr 2018


          Great Repeal Bill published – Legal Roadmap to Brexit?

          Stay up to date with Brexit

          As Brexit negotiations rumble on, with clarity yet to emerge over what it means for the future your workforce, what action can you take now to secure the future of your business? 

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          DWF Brexit Blueprint 

          The European Court of Justice confirms the UK has the power to end Brexit by withdrawing Article 50

          December 2018

          The European Court of Justice has ruled in the Wightman case C-621/18 that the UK may unilaterally withdraw the Article 50 notice to leave the EU (originally served to the EU on 29 March 2017) by giving notice in writing. In such circumstances the Brexit process would come to an end and the UK would continue as an EU Member State on unchanged terms.

          The post-Brexit consumer: Temperature check

          November 2018

          Consumers plan cutbacks as six in ten people anticipate price increases post-Brexit.

          The Government urges businesses, citizens and the public sector to prepare for "No Deal Brexit" in new guidance notes.

          August 2018

          On Thursday 23 August, the UK Government published 25 technical guidance notes on what a "No Deal Brexit" on 29 March 2019 would mean in practice, covering a range of issues including imports, medicines, workplace rights, financial services and the future of EU funded programmes.

          Brexit Blueprint: Top five tips on labour supply and workforce planning

          December 2017

          Having concluded our Brexit Blueprint: Labour Supply events, in both London and Manchester, we thought it would be useful to summarise the key lessons learned from our thought provoking and insightful panel.


          Great Repeal Bill published – Legal Roadmap to Brexit?

          September 2017 

          The primary ambition of the Bill is to ensure legal (and therefore business) continuity to every extent possible as of the date of exit from the European Union, whilst at the same time removing the overarching supremacy of EU law in the UK.


          Blueprint for Growth: The Impact of Brexit

          September 2017 

          Whilst the reality of Brexit is unknown, it is crucial that the business strategy for both survival and growth is reassessed within the context of the Brexit agenda. Businesses cannot expect or wait for Government to understand all of their needs and must take a proactive stance.


          Blueprint for Growth: Employment and the Workplace

          September 2017 

          In our latest City of London: Blueprint for Growth blog we explore the additional challenges faced by employers and their teams in the workplace in an uncertain political climate.


          The Queen’s speech June 2017: Key implications for employers

          June 2017 

          The government has announced that there will not be a Queen’s speech in 2018 and so the details of the legislation set out cover the next two years.


          New exemptions to state aid for ports and airports

          June 2017 

          New exemptions to State aid now allowed, including aid to inland and maritime ports, and small regional airports.


          Proposed EU citizens’ rights post-Brexit – A certain uncertainty?

          June 2017 

          Theresa May addressed Parliament on 26 June 2017 to outline the post-Brexit proposal on the status of EU nationals living in the UK.


          Top 5 Brexit legal challenges the Government must get right for the future of the UK's energy sector

          March 2017

          Successful exit negotiations are paramount to ensuring the UK's continued international standing in climate leadership and as a hub for low carbon innovation.


          Article 50 has been triggered! So what does that mean?

          March 2017

          The short answer is that it means the UK's formal timetable for leaving the EU has finally started, but not that there will be immediate changes in law or regulation. Formal service of Article 50 notice begins a timetable of negotiations, which after two years means that the member serving notice (the UK) will leave the EU and EU law (in the form of the EU Treaties) will cease to apply to it


          DWF Germany joins Brexit Discussion in Berlin

          March 2017

          Brexit is approaching, Managing Partner of DWF Germany, Michael Falter, will be joining well-known experts on politics, economy and law to discuss the economic consequences for trade in Great Britain.


          Theresa May's new blueprint for Brexit: what she said and what it means for business?

          January 2017

          Our EU law experts take a look at the 12 key points from the Prime Minister's most recent speech on Brexit and consider what it means for businesses.


          Brexit - Legislation and Labour

          January 2017

          Theresa May has set out her 12-point plan for the country’s exit from the European Union. What did it tell us and how has the food industry reacted?

          High Court rules that Brexit needs a vote in Parliament

          November 2016

          The decision is subject to appeal (which wouldn’t be heard by the Supreme Court until December at the earliest), but we have set out a brief explanation of the issues raised in the case.

          Brexit - What next for the UK and industry?

          September 2016

          We take a look at the Brexit trilemma: Is there an agreement that works for everyone?


          Brexit and the Implications for UK Competition Law

          August 2016

          As the dust settles on the UK referendum, attention is turning to the areas of law that will be affected, including competition law.


          The implications for UK environmental legislation following Brexit

          July 2016

          One key aspect to consider when looking at the impact of Brexit on specific environment legislation is the role the EU and the UK have played in the development of specific environmental policies and legislation.


          The impact of Brexit on local government

          July 2016

          "There are known knowns… there are known unknowns… But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know." In the aftermath of the UK's referendum vote to leave the European Union, Donald Rumsfeld’s infamous quote is more prescient than ever.


          Brexit and the insurance sector

          July 2016

          The UK referendum decision on Brexit has led the insurance industry into a period of uncertainty and as we look towards an exit from the EU it is inevitable that there will be ramifications.


          What are the implications for UK consumer credit firms?

          July 2016

          It remains to be seen whether conditions for accessing the single market will impose on the UK a requirement of equivalency in regulation, a consequence of Brexit being that we may still have its rules imposed upon us, with less opportunity to influence those rules.


          A Journey Without Maps - Brexit Implications for Hauliers

          July 2016

          In this Warehousing Logistics International article from 5 July, Vikki Woodfine discusses some key issues as we move into unchartered territory.


          What next for the road transport industry?

          June 2016

          As we exit the EU, we could well see stricter border controls and the expectation is that this will mean that the ability to cross the border into and out of the UK will be a slower process, thereby affecting the efficiency of transport operations.



          What will the future of the UK’s public procurement regime resemble post-Brexit?

          June 2016

          Assuming the UK does not continue with the EU procurement regime by the backdoor of the European Free Trade Area, it is difficult to imagine that the UK government will allow a free for all on procurement post-Brexit.


          Will Brexit free the UK from State aid rules?

          June 2016

          We consider what difference Brexit is likely to make to the ability of the UK State to disperse public funding to business.

          Some “Brexiteers” have made claims about how EU State aid rules have prevented the UK from saving its steel sector, but would and indeed could a new UK State aid law afford to be radically different, and what might the consequences of such a difference be anyway?


          Brexit and the banks

          June 2016

          The immediate consequence of exit from the EU would be the end of the UK’s membership of the EU Customs Union and common VAT rules.


          Impact of Brexit on retail and food industries

          June 2016

          We look at some key areas where laws will need to be redrafted including food, cosmetics and some area of product liability, trading standards, environmental, medical devices and medicines regulation.


          Brexit the legal challenge and what happens next

          June 2016

          The UK voted on 23 June to leave the European Union (EU). This is a hugely significant decision likely to have profound economic, political and legal consequences in due course.

          Brexit: the employment law implications

          June 2016

          Whilst the reality is that the vast majority of existing employment laws originating from Europe will remain unchanged for some years to come, employers should continue to keep a close watch on political developments.


          Brexit and intellectual property - how will it affect your business?

          June 2016

          As the impact of the momentous referendum decision to leave the European Union begins to sink in, businesses will need to review how they go about protecting their valuable intellectual property in this new landscape.

          What would Brexit mean for the Premier League?

          June 2016

          The result of the EU referendum will likely have serious consequences on British football, particularly the Premier League, and could shape the future of Britain’s role in football globally.