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          Employment status - the barometer

          DWF’s employment status audit

          Employment status is a key focus for many employers, with a number of Government inquiries underway and a flurry of recent case law.  The employment status conundrum is nothing new, however its application in the so called ‘gig economy’ is unknown territory.  

          So why is employment status so significant?

          Its importance is twofold, firstly it determines what employment rights are applicable and secondly it impacts on the tax regime applicable to the individual.

          Employment rights

          Our table below explains the employment rights applicable to employees, workers and the self-employed.



          When looking at self-employment for tax purposes, similar, but slightly different, rules apply. There is no concept of a ‘worker’ for tax purposes; those who are ‘workers’ will usually (but not always) be accepted by the tax authorities as self-employed.

          The following table sets out the tax implications of employment status.


          Our latest blogs on employment status

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          DWF's employment status audit

          A businesses' workforce is a key asset and managing the supply of the workforce against the demands of the business is not an easy challenge.