United States of America

USA is the largest economy in the world, presenting major opportunities as well as challenges for a company that wishes to do business in or with the USA.

Our group of international legal specialists has deep knowledge of a full range of commercial services, including mergers and acquisitions, private equity and venture capital, intellectual property and licensing as well as commercial litigation and dispute management.

Our work spans inbound work, e.g. US based corporates acquiring businesses in Europe or transacting or litigating there as well as outbound work, advising EU based businesses transacting with and investing in the USA.

Our approach is direct, authoritative and innovative.  We recruit and retain the best people, focusing on delivering excellent client service at every stage.  Importantly, we have a proven track record for success in presenting commercial results, decisive solutions and understanding needs and application within the USA.

We have a deep and extensive network of connections and a track record of working with major organisations in Europe and the USA.